We offer a range of training packages to suit different needs.

Please note that the total cost of a booking will include the cost of the course, plus the cost of travel and accommodation (if required), see the details below. Click images to see prices.

Epilepsy Awareness Course


Half day course

Epilepsy and Emergency Medication Course


Full day course

Epilepsy and Emergency Medication Refresher


Half day course

Epilepsy and Vagal Nerve stimulator (VNS) training

3 hour session from Senior Epilepsy VNS Nurse (KCH) for caregivers who support people with VNS implant.

Bespoke Training

Half day and full day courses available
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Epilepsy and Brain Injury


Half day session, max 10 delegates

Training Includes:

  • Epilepsy awareness updates
  • Diagnosis
  • Causes
  • Seizures and management including
    practical’s and video footage
  • Risks and safety
  • Status epilepticus
  • Emergency medication administration
  • Care plans/protocols
  • Case studies and practical work
  • Evaluation and certificates that is applicable to QCF and nurse revalidation


To place a booking, send us an email using the contact form, or call Sally-Ann Remnant.


Please note the Refresher is only for people who have attended the full day course before.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke training can be provided as a full or half day or as needed and costs will be calculated individually. 

Possible topics include:

  • Epilepsy and Disassociate events (otherwise known as non-epileptic attack disorder)
  • Epilepsy and learning disability
  • Women and epilepsy
  • Epilepsy and the elderly
  • Epilepsy and children
  • Epilepsy and VNS/Surgery


Private consultation is available. Fees can be negotiable depending on the need of client.

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Terms and Conditions (opens in new tab).


Travel is calculated at 50p per mile.


Accommodation is only needed if 2 hours or more of travel is required to reach the venue, or if the trainer has difficulty getting to venue and needs to stay nearby.


Accommodation will be booked at a reasonably priced rate using Airbnb, Travelodge or similar to keep client’s costs to minimum.


Trainers are usually asked to carry out training within clients venue or venue of their choice. Please ensure venue lends itself to training and includes access to screen or blank wall, chairs and tables, coffee or tea facilities, toilets. We can however seek a suitable venue on your behalf and organise the training from scratch.